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  • Speed Boating Speed Boating
    The sequel of a very frustrating and fun platformer. New level, new graphics and a brand new level e [...]
  • Operation L.O.A.D Operation L.O.A.D
    Instructions: Protect the giant missile on its way to destroy the enemy planet. Follow it through la [...]
  • Heat Rush Future Heat Rush Future
    Blast through 15 driving levels based in the not-too-distant future. Loads of upgrades, etc.n AWSD / [...]
  • Elvira Elvira
    Elvira is a gothic fairy. She has a magical staff that she uses to heal wounds and cast spells.rnrnI [...]
  • Fudge Brownie Designer Fudge Brownie Designer
    Drag and drop chocolate decorations on the fudge brownie. Add frosting, marshmallows,chocolate chips [...]
  • Word Cage Word Cage
    Word CageĀ is a new relaxing highscores word search game with very original gameplay, 3 modes and tho [...]
  • Ice Cold Chase Ice Cold Chase
    Chase your opponents or make them chase you, if you can, in this winter racing game. It’s a ba [...]
  • SL Black Knight 3D Pinball Game SL Black Knight 3D ..
    SL Black Knight Pinball Game.3D Pinball Machine with Realistic SFX.Arrows to Move Flippers.Spacebar [...]
  • Bike Rider Dhoom -unofficial dhoom3 fan game Bike Rider Dhoom ..
    This is an unofficial Game for Dhoom 3. This game is inspired dedication to the movie Dhoom 3. Actio [...]
  • Tank Storm Tank Storm
    Control a heavy armored battle tank, shoot enemy tanks and soldiers to get through enemy territory a [...]
  • Astronaut Toto Astronaut Toto
    Help Toto fulfill his outer-space mission, and keep him safe from the asteroids or the spy-ships tha [...]
  • Bloodlands Bloodlands
    Bloodlands is a third person shooter inspired by the classic action shooters. Featuring 10 huge leve [...]

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Square’s Journey
Jump or Die
Pizza Race
Flappy Olaf
Flappy Bird V2
Astro Smurf’s bouncey adventure
Corey’s Adventure
Platform-Shooter/Gun Pickup/Enemy Spawn
asfcsac as
Flappy Bird Blue

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Platform-Shooter/Gun Pickup/Enemy Spawn
CowanJoseph_Construc2_Independent Project
Slenderman VS Smurf
Hero of the Multiverse Level 1
Ghost Kiss (version 2)
Ghost Kiss
Run Marty Run
Drag Racer
COW – byKayleyAsbury

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