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  • Bush or McCain? Bush or McCain?
    Can you tell the difference between George W. Bush or John McCain?  Play this election-themed g [...]
  • Rural Runner Rural Runner
    Run as far as you can in this funny runner game. Collect coins and apples. Beware the angry gardener
  • Party Makeup Party Makeup
    A charming make up is ready and Macie is almost ready for a cool party.rnInstructions:rnUse your mou [...]
  • Next Dot : Europe Next Dot : Europe
    Connect the dots to reveal countries. You’ll learn some flags and capitals.
  • Jumpix 1.1 Jumpix 1.1
    In this 3D arcade platformer, you have a control over a jumping ball. Trying to get max score on eac [...]
  • Another Pair of Blocks Another Pair of Blocks
    Join two blocks of the same color together. Make combos by joining repeatedly many pairs of the same [...]
  • Spiderlad vs Batsman Spiderlad vs Batsman
    This is a pinball super heroes theme where you have to fight against the computer like a hockey game [...]
  • S2F S2F
    Start 2 Finish by moving your mouse over the blocks to the green finish block. Go though 25 unique l [...]
  • Freeway Challenge Freeway Challenge
    You are challenged to race your way through the dangerous highway. Go as far as you can while passin [...]
  • Castles & Cannons Castles & Cannons
    You are the king of a small kingdom. As a good king you want to expand your kingdom for your subject [...]
  • Octy Octy
    Meet Octy the octopus. Use his eight arms to climb up and bring Octy home to his beloved wife, but b [...]
  • Pingu’s Quest Pingu’s Quest
    Drag arrows around and see if you can make the perfect chain reaction to toss the penguin around and [...]

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asfcsac as
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Platform-Shooter/Gun Pickup/Enemy Spawn
CowanJoseph_Construc2_Independent Project
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Hero of the Multiverse Level 1
Ghost Kiss (version 2)
Ghost Kiss
Run Marty Run
Drag Racer
COW – byKayleyAsbury

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